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  • Join a community of like-minded moviegoers that share your passions and interests.
  • Find centralized information on what cinemas are doing to keep you safe. Find all venue COVID requirements and access to community peer reviews of regional/national cinema COVID response.
  • Get matched with local cinemaloopers wanting to see the same movies, send movie requests, connect, chat and meet up with a new friend at the cinema.
  • Check all accessibilities for disabled patrons. Review and reserver cinema food choices + seating, movie showtimes, and purchase tickets.
  • Community reviews and ratings of cinemas, eateries, locations, movies, and much more - and tailored recommendations based on your moviegoing habits.
  • Get exclusives that no one else can access: personalized moviegoer community maps of fun movie-outings, pre and most movie easter eggs, director messages and more.
  • Get access to exciting opportunities to enhance your movie going experience and make your time at the cinema more enjoyable.

Connecting people over the joy of Cinema

We are an organic group of movie-loving misfits, moviebuffs, filmnerds, cinema-socialities, fandomites and cinephiles — side hustling together on a mission to design new innovative platform experiences for moviegoers. Come Join Us!

Cinemaloop team is awesome. I'm excited to be a part of a remote startup that is interested in bringing people around the world with a shared interest in transforming the way we connect over cinema.
Cinemaloop platform really spoke to me as a moviegoer. I am far away from family and friends in another country. It's hard to find those interested in the same movies as I am. I thought, why not join a startup that's trying to help moviegoers connect with each other.
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