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For Moviegoers by Moviegoers

Get everything under one roof to enhance your cinephile, fanatic, or casual moviegoer persona! Connect to people with similar interests and explore movies, events, news and more.

Whether you are looking for someone to go with to events or movies, showtimes, trailers, tickets, collectables, loyalty discounts, trustworthy reviews by other cinema goers, directors’ and actors' live-chat sessions or streaming events and festivals - Cinemaloop has got it covered.

So many ways to
connect over the joy of Cinema

Express Yourself

Create a profile, select the movies you want to see, add the genres you like and connect with moviegoers just like you.

Connect and Meet Up

Connect to movie fans and peers and share your love of movies with the world. Be part of a community that celebrates movies.


See trailers and synopsis, check showtimes, pre-register for tickets, seating and concessions for film and related events.

Stay In The Loop

Receive updates on the latest movies and find new movies to love with Cinemaloop's personalized recommendations.

Your Cinema

Interact with your favorite Cinema venue and get up-to-date information and notifications on events, safety, amenities, accessibility, programs and more directly over the app.

Ratings and Reviews

Be in on all the conversations about your favorite films, scores, venues and the food (hide the spoilers) through discussion forums, feeds, chats and groups.

Your Favorites

Get to know the movies and trending issues before anyone else through following and live chat sessions with movie directors, actors, industry professionals and independents.

Deals. Shop. Rewards.

Find out about all the best deals on movies, loyalty programs, soundtracks, swag and collectables before anyone else does.


Become a paying member and get all kinds of exclusives: premier invites, pre-screenings, live festival streamings, pre-movie video messages from actors, directors, and producers.

Product Roadmap

follow the journey as Cinemaloop platform is developed.


Start Up | 2017 - 2019

problem found, research and theory testing, product conception, company formation, initial funding, company building, team building, product scheme, technology strategy


Minimal Viable Product | 2020 - 2021

Cinemaloop has core functionality + features such as profile creation, user connecting, messaging & notfications, dicussion feeds, movies, showtimes and ticketing.


Pilot Soft Launch | 2022

A vibrant Cinema pilot partner community is vital to the future success of Cinemaloop: feedback data channels and developing function + features Cinemas venues need on the platform


Beta Launch | 2023

Driven by a full moviegoer engagement cycle; this means highly accessible partnerships to help deliver high levels of customer success through Cinemaloop technologies - so moviegoers can enhance their moviegoing experience before, during and after the cinematic viewing.


Cinemaloop Web App

No access to a mobile phone?


Cinemaloop Alpha version is built on both web and mobile. Yet, you can test out new features as we build them via the web in our pre-production environment.

We'd love to get feedback!

Try Web Demo
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We believe in the power of movie fans

Movie lovers, get excited because there's a social app for you!

Hello, I'm Lauren with Cinemaloop Social Media Los Angeles.

If you would like to test the Cinemaloop iOS and you are in the LA area or a close region, please sign up to our beta.

I am looking forward to meeting Cinemaloop fans, getting the word out, connecting at events and getting your feedback.

Cinemaloop Inc. is a fully remote startup of Cinema-Lovers We believe in connecting people over the joy of Movies.

We are a group of avid film lovers who saw an opportunity for connecting fans like themselves around their favorite entertainment.

We’re on a mission to create a new social cinema centric platform, for the moviegoing-loving generations.

Vera Newman


Henry Schaup

Chief Product Officer

Connect To Us Over The Joy Of Cinema!

We are always looking to grow our partnerships with cinemas, theaters and event spaces who are interested in working with us. We would love to connect! For more information on how we can help your cinemas and theaters with our platform, please contact us at business development 

Cinema platform entertainment is evolving at an incredible pace, and the demand for quality theater experiences is at an all-time high. Cinema going is about to experience a social revolution; we’re the company that’s going to make it happen. If you see the vision and want to back our growth – let’s talk.

Please let us know if you would be interested in covering our journey and story. As the founder of Cinemaloop, I’d love to chat more about how you can write about our story to reach out to our smart, culture-seeking moviegoers! Contact us here.